HP EliteBook 2570p Core i3 3rd Generation

Meet the HP EliteBook 2570p: A sleek silver metal frame laptop with a 12.5-inch HD antiglare display, swift 128GB SSD storage, and up to 3 hours of battery life. Perfect for professionals on the move!
  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-31200M @ 2.50Ghz (4 CPUs)
  • 12.5-Inch HD Anti-Glare IPS Display
  • 4GB RAM | 128GB SSD Storage
  • Slim EliteBook Business Series | With HP Adapter
Product Code: HPEB2570PI3G3
Brand: HP
Warranty: 3 Months Spare Parts Warranty
Availability: In Stock
Rs. 23,000
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The HP EliteBook 2570p is a sleek and smart laptop designed for business and professional use. It features a durable metal frame with a slim and stylish silver color finish, making it not only robust but also aesthetically pleasing.

Design and Build: The HP EliteBook 2570p is designed with a focus on durability and aesthetics. The metal frame provides sturdiness and a premium look, making it ideal for professionals on the go. Its slim profile and silver color finish give it a modern and sophisticated appearance.

Display: The laptop is equipped with a 12.5-inch HD antiglare display. The antiglare feature helps reduce reflections and ensures a clear and comfortable viewing experience, even in bright environments. This is especially useful for professionals who work in varying lighting conditions.


  • Processor: The laptop is powered by an Intel Core i3 3rd Generation processor. While not the latest, it provides decent performance for everyday computing tasks.

  • RAM: It comes with 4GB of RAM, which is suitable for multitasking and running productivity applications smoothly.

  • Storage: The HP EliteBook 2570p boasts a 128GB SSD (Solid State Drive). SSDs offer faster data access and boot times compared to traditional hard drives, making your overall computing experience quicker and more responsive.

Battery Life: This laptop offers up to 3 hours of battery backup. While not the longest battery life on the market, it should be sufficient for most tasks when you're away from a power source. However, heavy usage might lead to shorter battery life.

Connectivity: The HP EliteBook 2570p comes with a variety of connectivity options, including USB ports, a VGA port, an Ethernet port, and more. It also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication.

Operating System: The laptop may come with a pre-installed operating system, such as Windows, depending on the specific configuration you choose.

Security: HP often includes security features in their EliteBook series, such as TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for enhanced data protection and security.

Specifications of HP EliteBook 2570p Core i3 3rd Generation

Product specification
Brand HP
Series EliteBook
Model 2570p
Processor Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3120M @ 2.50Ghz (4 CPUs)
Display Size 12.5-Inch HD Anti-Glare IPS Display
Graphics (Integrated) Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
Storage and drives 128GB SSD Storage (Upgradable)
Memory 4GB DDR3 RAM (Upgradable)
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
Camera Yes Builtin
Microphone Yes
WiFi | Bluetooth Yes | Yes (Optional)
Battery Backup Up to 3 Hours
Adapter HP Adapter Included