Dell Latitude 7290 Quad Core i5 8th Generation

The Dell Latitude 7290 is a business laptop with an 8th Generation Intel Core i5 processor for fast performance. It has a compact design with connectivity options such as USB-C, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth and features a high-resolution display and backlit keyboard. The laptop is secure and reliable, with a long battery life, making it an ideal choice for professionals who require a portable laptop for work purposes.
  • Intel(R) Quad-Core(TM) i5-8350U @ 1.70GHz (8 CPUs)
  • 12.5-Inch HD Display | Windows 11 Pro
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM | 256GB SSD Storage
  • Slim and Portable Light Weight Business Series Laptop
Product Code: DLLT7290I5G8
Brand: Dell
Warranty: 3 Months Spare Parts Warranty
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The Dell Latitude 7290 is a slim and portable business laptop designed for professionals who require a balance of performance, portability, and reliability.

Design and Portability: The Latitude 7290 is crafted with a focus on portability, featuring a slim and lightweight design that makes it easy to carry on the go. Its compact form factor is well-suited for professionals who need a laptop that can easily fit into their bags and is suitable for travel.

Display: The laptop sports a 12.5-inch HD display, providing a balance between screen real estate and portability. The HD resolution ensures clear and crisp visuals, making it suitable for productivity tasks, presentations, and multimedia consumption.

Performance: Under the hood, the Latitude 7290 is powered by an Intel Quad-Core i5-8350U processor, capable of running at a base clock speed of 1.70GHz and featuring 8 CPU threads. This processor is part of Intel's 8th generation Core series, offering a good balance of power efficiency and performance for business applications.

Memory and Storage: For seamless multitasking, the laptop comes equipped with 16GB of DDR4 RAM, providing ample memory for running multiple applications simultaneously. The 256GB SSD storage ensures fast data access and quick system boot times, contributing to an overall responsive computing experience.

Operating System: The Latitude 7290 runs on Windows 11 Pro, providing a secure and feature-rich operating environment for business users. Windows 11 Pro includes advanced security features, productivity tools, and compatibility with a wide range of business applications.

Connectivity: In terms of connectivity, the laptop is likely to feature a variety of ports such as USB, HDMI, and possibly a Thunderbolt port for versatile connectivity options. It may also include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless communication.

Security Features: Dell Latitude series laptops often come with robust security features, such as fingerprint readers, smart card readers, and TPM (Trusted Platform Module), enhancing data protection and access control.

Battery Life: While specific battery life may vary, Dell Latitude laptops typically offer a good balance between performance and battery efficiency, providing users with a reliable battery life for a full day's work on a single charge.

Specifications of Dell Latitude 7290 Quad Core i5 8th Generation

Product specification
Brand DELL
Model 7290
Series Latitude
Processor Generation Intel(R) Quad-Core(TM) i5-8350U @ 1.70Ghz (8 CPUs)
Display Size 12.5" HD Anti-Glare Display
Graphics (Integrated) Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620
TYPE-C Port Thunderbolt PD
Storage and drives 256GB SSD Storage (Upgradable)
Memory 8GB DDR4 RAM
Operating System Windows 11 Pro
Camera Yes builtin
Microphone Yes Builtin
WiFi | Bluetooth Yes | Yes
Battery Backup Up to 3 hours
Adapter Dell Adapter Included